Nowadays open-office workplaces are becoming more popular. This enhances communication between colleagues and optimally uses the area. However, the main disadvantage of open workplaces is noise, which impairs fluent work. Due to these conditions work becomes hard, exhausting and stressful.

We are introducing you with acoustic screens’ systems, which effectively solve problems of open workplaces. This is a perfect choice for creating individual workplace areas even in very large offices. Acoustic screens provide privacy, decrease noise in the area, but leave the opportunity to see colleagues and communicate without boundaries. The biggest advantage is the mobility and functionality of the panels. Acoustic screens’ systems can be mounted on the desktops or can be left standing on the floor. The thickness of the screens is 38mm. They are filled with noise reducing material which can be covered with felt wool or polyester fabric. ‘Manade’ accessories can also be mounted to the screens.

Acoustic screens’ systems are the opportunity to use the area effectively in a fast and easy way. In addition, it also contributes to office style, which will allow employees to feel great and work efficiently.